CrickDAO revenue model

Every platform needs money to operate. We also need money, at least in the initial stages, to set the foundation of CrickDAO. However, we were not ready to become a greedy corporate house and exploit members of our community.

To solve this challenge, we have come up with a solution where users get something worth real-world value when they are spending money on the platform.

We collect money primarily from these three avenues:

  • Transaction fees incurred from the in-game marketplace

  • In-game activities fees

  • NFT Minting fee

Fees are applied on the platform for every transaction and the size of the fee depends on the form of transactions. We would also take a small fee from all transactions on the platform: NFT sales, bets, deposits, etc.

However, the flow of value is not unidirectional in CrickDAO. Every time we take money from the users, it goes straight back to the development of the game’s ecosystem.

Players, on the other hand, get digital collectibles in the form of NFTs from our in-game marketplace. They can further resell these assets to make more money than they spent. We hope that this monetization model will keep CrickDAO sustainable and enjoyable for all.

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