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Fantasy Gaming on Web2 apps

CrickDAO is an attempt to bring cricket to the global map of fantasy sports. We are not trying to imitate any of the major sports betting platforms. Instead, we have created a fantasy cricket game on the metaverse that follows all the rules and regulations of fantasy cricket.

Today we will take you through the gameplay of CrickDAO. If you are an Indian cricket fan, you might have come across apps like MPL and Dream 11. CrickDAO follows a similar model, but on Web 3. The assets you win in CrickDAO are truly yours, whether you decide to encash them or not.

The gameplay is very simple: you select players and create your own team. If your player scores, you earn points. Depending on the skill level of the players and how much they impact the outcome of a real match, different players are attributed different prices.

Like any other fantasy sports app on Web 2, CrickDAO lets you start with a fixed number of points – 100 in the case of CrickDAO. Players have to then make their teams without exceeding 100 points. That means you have to have a combination of high and low-rated players on the team. The captain and the vice-captain are the two most important players in the team since their performance fetches additional points.

CrickDAO Fantasy Gaming connecting Web2 and Web 3

CrickDAO is merging the functionalities of Web 2 and Web 3 to give the best user experience to end-users. Every real-world cricketer exists in the form of an NFT in CrickDAO. You need to buy Team Card NFTs from the CrickDAO marketplace to get access to players and make a team.

This is where CrickDAO is very different from fantasy gaming apps on Web 2. CrickDAO doesn’t charge any entry fee every time you want to enter a competition. Once you buy a Team Card NFT, you can use it multiple times.

The CrickDAO marketplace is a bridge between the blockchain (where the NFTs will be minted) and the mobile application (where gamers will make their teams and compete).

Once you buy your team cards, you’ll be able to see them in the inventory section of the CrickDAO web application.

But before you make a purchase, you’ll need to sign up and then login into the marketplace using your credentials. In the future, we plan on adding blockchain-based Identity verification. Projects like Polygon are already working on adding another layer of security to the platform and the marketplace.

Then you need to download the mobile application and log in with the same credentials that you used when signing up for the web application marketplace.

Your login credentials are the connection between the marketplace and the mobile app. You can see all your purchases, assets, and earnings from the mobile app once you log in with your marketplace credentials.

Different Types of NFTs on CrickDAO

We at CrickDAO are introducing gaming to NFTs. Fantasy cricket leagues have not made much progress with the gamification of NFTs, although the idea is not new. That is what we are trying to reshape.

There are three main types of NFTs in CrickDAO: Gamify NFTs, Access NFTs, and Community NFTs. Let’s find out more about each.

These are utility-based NFTs that are an intrinsic part of the gameplay. Team Card NFTs are a type of Gamify NFT. There will be more utility-based NFTs under Gamify NFTs in the future.

Within Team Card NFTs, there are three grades: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The cost of bronze Team Card NFTs is the lowest and gold Team Card NFTs is the highest. The size of the reward pools changes consequently, with gold having the biggest pool and bronze the smallest. On top of that, you only match with players who have the same grade NFT. If you have a silver Team Card, for example, you will only match with other players who also have a silver Team Card.

CrickDao Council and Marketplace

The CrickDAO marketplace is one branch of the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) which runs on the native $CRIC token. The players can buy Team Cards on the marketplace using $CRIC tokens with which they can make their teams.

After making a team, a player can either use it to compete with other teams or sell their team on the marketplace. Players can earn $CRIC tokens through marketplace trading and then use the earned $CRIC to purchase Team Cards. It’s a way of selling your team to get $CRIC tokens, and then making another team with the tokens. On the other hand, players can challenge other players to earn $CRIC tokens. They can use the earned tokens to reuse their Team Card in other competitions. Participating in leagues offers more $CRIC tokens if you finish in the top positions.

CrickDAO revenue model

Other fantasy cricket platforms act as matchmakers and charge an amount from each player for that. It is generally 20% of the total amount collected in a particular competition. This entry fee is an amount that players have to pay every time they use the platform.

At CrickDAO, the total amount collected for a competition is reserved for the participants only. They do not have to pay an entry fee every time they want to play. Players only need to pay for Team Cards with which they can make their teams. As we already discussed, these teams could be sold, reused, or staked against other players’ teams. The sale of Team Cards is a source of revenue for CrickDAO.

Board User NFT: Players with holdings of more than 100,000 $CRIC become eligible to get Board User NFTs. The maximum number of board members at one time is capped at 1000. This board makes all the decisions about the future of the platform. Board User NFTs give their holders the impetus to continue engaging with the platform.

This is not the only privilege you earn as a Board User NFT holder. A part of the revenue (20%) that CrickDAO generates is shared with the Board User NFT holders. This way, holders can earn $CRIC tokens as dividends.

Once the Board User un-stakes their 100,000 $CRIC tokens, they can no longer hold the Board User NFT. With an open position on the Board, other players are invited to stake 100,000 $CRIC tokens and own a Board User NFT. Half of the supply will be locked once all Board User NFTs have been released. Players will be able to participate and win rewards as the other half moves into the market as liquid tokens.

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