CrickDAO has implemented a staking mechanism to recognize and reward community members who have contributed to the long-term success of the CrickDAO ecosystem. Through interaction with our staking contract, users will be able to secure their $CRIC tokens within the platform, and in exchange, users will be able to obtain CrickDAO incentives.

Staking is yet another method through which we aim to strengthen our in-game economy. Staking allows players on the platform to earn their due rewards.

In simple words, staking refers to earning rewards for holding (or HODLing) cryptocurrencies. By staking the $CRIC token, players get assured rewards in CrickDAO. Apart from that, it keeps the ecosystem flourishing with a balance between the supply and circulation of $CRIC tokens. For users, this is yet another opportunity to get assets worth real value by giving their time and efforts to the development of the CrickDAO ecosystem.

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