NFTs have been the rage for quite some time now.

We have all heard of how supposedly abstract NFTs are selling for millions of dollars. But let us assure you, we are not taking that route.

We are creating NFTs as functional units that work both inside and outside the CrickDAO ecosystem.

The core value of NFTs lies not in their artwork, but in their uniqueness.

No two NFTs can be alike, and you cannot fake an NFT. You can fake the underlying art or content, but not the NFT itself. That has a direct implication on how we own and use NFTs. When players get an NFT from CrickDAO, they get the ownership rights of that NFT. It is very different from digital collectibles and in-game purchases we are used to. You can take this NFT and sell it on a third-party NFT marketplace to earn fiat currency. Once you have the keys to an NFT, it is yours to keep.

As with the $CRIC token, NFTs give the community members power and autonomy. By transferring full ownership to the community, we ensure that they have the freedom to do whatever they want to do with it.

We want the community to realize that NFTs are much more than just collectibles; in the case of CrickDAO, we are now in the process of creating rare NFTs for each and every cricket player. This statement brings together all the possible outcomes for the metaverse as well.

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