🇮🇳Future Development

Any and all future developments will be subject to legal scrutiny before they are made public. This contains new P2E models as well as extra formats to verify that it conforms with worldwide P2E standards. We want to keep our platform safe and genuine and eventually hand it over to the community for self-governance.

In the end, choices concerning the future evolution of the CrickDAO Protocol will be made by the DAO community as a collective.

CrickDAO is an open-source protocol, and Cricket Fantasy Leagues are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what it may be used for.

We hope to gradually build a community that will surpass fantasy cricket and become the hub of the world for all cricket-related discussions, events, and interactions.

As more and more people understand NFTs and DAOs, we want to give them a safe space to explore the wonders of these technologies.

At the end of the day, we are creating an open-source protocol that will be run by the community itself. While we are at it, we will ensure that we stick to all legal and regulatory requirements and give our community members a new way of looking at fantasy cricket.

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