CrickDAOโ€™s mission is to tokenize fantasy cricket leagues and establish a digital ecosystem and game structure administered and maintained only by the community.

Over the last century, communities have progressed through several stages of development. We have already seen the potential of putting power back at the hand of the people and what it can achieve.

The ongoing steady growth of decentralization is a result of the rise of Blockchain technology. Blockchain provides immutability to its tamper-evident system of recording transactions and tracking digital assets.

While community-based sports are not a brand-new notion, it is being transformed by blockchain technology.

Blockchain is distinguished by its simplicity of deployment and transparency. The play-to-earn we follow lets gamers earn prizes and rewards by participating in games. We are building a cricket community with and for the people.

CrickDAO will promote cricket by organizing interesting and engaging worldwide events, drawing new and varied fans, and establishing long-term effective commercial collaborations.

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