Community NFTs work more as digital collectibles than in-game tools. They do not give access to special resources as Access NFTs do. Neither would players use them to breed new NFTs or progress in the game. In short, community NFTs are not related to gameplay.

The purpose behind community NFTs is to build a community of cricket fans by offering them precious moments of the game in NFTs. These NFTs are works of art and deal with the more artistic and emotional side of the game. As cricket fans, we know how passionate we are about the sport. Community NFTs are an attempt to spread that same passion to the world.

Community NFTs are created for the fans, and there is no barrier to their access. Anyone can own any special moment of their elaborate athletes in the form of NFT art. By doing so, they also get complete ownership of the art.

While community NFTs are not created with an investing perspective, their prices will still go up. Depending on which moment you choose to preserve as an NFT art, the value of it can increase significantly as more people catch up to community NFTs.

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