CrickDAO Reward System refers to any monetary, non-monetary, and psychological payments provided by CrickDAO to its community in exchange for the activity they perform.

CrickDAO provides remarkable engagement tools and features to make the gaming experience enriching and profitable for all. Our platform allows brands and individual creators to safely create, acquire, and exchange unique experiences, collectibles, and other in-game assets.

The P2E model believes in empowering and decentralizing the operations of a game. By doing so, we can make the platform a safe space for all gamers who want to make a difference in our community through their efforts.

To recognize and appreciate these efforts, CrickDAO offers a host of in-game items and experiences. All these experiences and collectibles are owned by the players completely. They can take these outside CrickDAO to sell, exhibit, or use.

By giving the players a monetary incentive, we are trying to help build a community of and for the players. Every engagement with the community will be rewarding for the gamer. We are transferring the complete rights of the digital items to the players to give them autonomy and freedom in the gameplay. Participants in this business model add additional value to the game and other players.

Early adopters will get impressive rewards as a part of the play-to-earn model. They will get access to tools, cryptocurrency, and a lot more that may be tokenized on the blockchain and sold as NFTs.

P2E games rely on an in-game economy to thrive. To strengthen our in-game economy, we will begin with generous in-game rewards and assets. By doing so, we hope to make the in-game economy of CrickDAO self-sustaining and strong.

Play-to-earn is the future of gaming, and now is the perfect time to find out how it works.

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