The $CRIC token will provide our gamers access to items, events, artists, art, material, and producers.

We call these NFTs Access NFT since they give the owners access to digital and real communities, experiences, and commodities. It’s like buying a game pass for a video game to have access to better resources and features.

However, since these Access NFTs also bear real-world worth, they act as admission tickets for offline communities and events as well.

By doing this, we are trying to make CrickDAO a comprehensive experience for all our users.

We have decided on Access NFTs instead of subscriptions since the latter does not transfer any real value to the buyer. It is nothing more than an arbitrary subscription that can be cancelled or shortened at the will of the operators.

Unlike Gamify NFTs, Access NFTs are not that easy to find or breed.

The purpose of the scarcity is to keep the experience exclusive to the most hardworking users. Access NFTs are one of the many tools we are using to put the authority and power in the hands of the users. It furthers our vision of building a cricketing community in the metaverse.

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