At CrickDAO, we are bringing gamification to NFTs. While it is not a new concept, fantasy cricket leagues have not made much progress with the gamification of NFTs. That’s what we seek to change.

To gamify our fantasy cricket league, we are introducing Team Card NFT.

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Purchases of Team Card NFT earn $CRIC, our virtual token, from the fantasy cricket Reward pool. By doing this, we are allowing players to make money as they play.

Gamers on our platform can breed or find digital collectables through NFTs, without spending any money from their pockets.

There are multiple game models to choose from, and each model has its own structure for earning.

An NFT game uses non-linear functional transformations in every aspect of gameplay. That means the in-game character you assume will also be in the form of an NFT.

Instead of giving you a digital character that does not have any inherent uniqueness or value, we allow gamers to play through NFTs.

As a result, they earn more and more money as they get more rewards and NFTs. The value of NFTs also increases over the course of the game, and it is another avenue for making money in the game.

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